Whats New in Financial Liquid API Version 1

*) New FX Base Currency API added
*) New FX Cross API added
*) 1 minute historical data and signals support add
*) For security GET request is deprecated now you can pass parameters in POST request format
*) Reduce latest and Base currency prices update delay from 5 min TO 5 seconds for API request

Note: In this document parameters are embed directly in URL (GET request) it is only for quick demo testing, For production API please embed all parameters with POST request.
Learn More about GET VS POST Stackoverflow

Forex,Cryptos,Stocks,Commodities & Indices API

Powered by 25+ currency exchange rate data sources, the Financial Liquid delivering real-time 145+ country and 2000+ forex currencies combination prices rates. The Financial Liquid provides different API endpoints, each serving a different data response. We provides the latest Forex,Cryptos,Stocks,Commodities & Indices price for all or a specific pair of currency, retrieving historical currency data for one or multiple currencies, technical indicators for market analyzing from 1min to 1 month.
In this document, you will learn how to use API with its parameters, potential unwanted errors and some code examples. After this document, if you face difficulty to understand API structure, you can contact us any time and our team will be happy to help out.

GET Started

For those users who are demanding different tools related to the Forex API. FCS API has been designed and manipulates for the user to access tools quickly and troubleshoot their problems through this Forex API documentation. We have such capability to deliver the exchange rate data which is taking place in real-time for 145+ currencies of the world. For developer, you can work in any programming language to hit on API URL. Use PHP (Curl or file_get_content), JavaScript (Ajax), Android (HttpURLConnection) or JAVA, C# (HttpWebRequest) or CURL for this. And finally, the users will be able to get a response in the format of standard JSON. Multiple endpoints are the source to get an API and they all serve different use cases. The function of the endpoint is to get the latest market exchange rate data that apply to all or a specific set of currencies.

API Access Key You need an access key in order to access our database. Your access Key is the unique key that is passed into the API base URL's apikey={YOUR_API_KEY}&weburll={YOUR_REGISTERED_WEBSITE_URL}&symbol={YOUR_SYMBOLS} parameter in order to authenticate with the Financial Liquid API.

NOTE:All parameters are case sensitive

Getting Single Data


Getting Multiple Data Define with Commas


Sample Code jQuery.ajax

Real-time rates: Find below a simple jQuery.ajax example of getting exchange rate data via the Financial Liquid API's latest endpoint.

  access_key = "API_KEY"; // Your API access key, Signup to get API KEY
  symbol = 'BTCUSD,EURUSD,Amazon,CAC,COCOA'; // Forex ids

      url: "https://financial-liquid.com/api?symbol=" + id + "&apikey=" + access_key+ "&weburll=?",
      type: "GET", // GET or POST
      dataType: "json",
      success: function(data) {

Sample Code PHP

Forex Latest Prices: Find below a simple PHP example for getting exchange rate data via the FCS API's latest endpoint.

$access_key = "API_KEY"; // Your API access key, Signup to get API KEY
$symbol = "EURUSD,BTCUSD"; // FX Pairs
//Your weburl here only your web url req without any slash like define in variable
    // Enter your API URL below
    $api_url = "https://financial-liquid.com/api?symbol=".$symbol."&apikey=".$access_key."&weburll=".$weburl;

    // Initialize CURL:
    $ch = curl_init($api_url);
    curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, true);
    $json = curl_exec($ch); // Store the data

    $response = json_decode($json, true); // convert JSON into Array
    while($i<=$count) {
    echo $symbol;